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Argan Oil

Looking for new and fun ways to use your argan oil? Have you been using your argan oil only for hair or skin treatment because you weren’t sure exactly what to do with it?  This is a short and simple recipe that will add an explosion of flavor to any salad or anywhere you would use vinaigrette but with a twist of argan oil.

When cooking with argan oil, there is a big difference from using toasted or untoasted oil. Untoasted oil has a subtle flavor that can easily be overburdened by powerful vinegars. Toasted argan oil is immensely flavorful and can be eaten in almost any way possible. It is made by roasting the argan nut before extracting the oil. A great quick treat is pouring a little toasted argan oil on a saucer with some herbs and vinegar and dipping toast or bread in the oil. Whether you…

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“I’ve dedicated my life to argan oil because it has helped me so much in many ways, and – I just think it’s really cool.”

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Argan Oil: Let’s Get Down To It!

We’re here, we’re queer…well, we’re not queer.  But we are here to talk about argan oil which is one of my FAVORITE topics to talk about.  If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I have centered my life around argan oil and have an argan oil website, a tumblr page dedicated to argan oil, and much more.  I’ve dedicated my life to argan oil because it has helped me so much in many ways, and – I just think it’s really cool.

The Argan tree comes from the country of Morocco hidden away in the vast jungles. The argan nut has numerous uses that the local peoples have utilized for various reasons. A diet high in argan oil has all the benefits of antioxidants, being as the nut is full of them. Argan oil is used in hair treatment and skincare as well. With hair treatment, argan oil conditions the hair and is even used in treating damaged hair by coating it throughout the day. In the case of skincare, argan oil truly shines through.

Due to the antioxidants, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil actually contains anti-aging properties. Many cosmetic surgeons despise argan oil because of its miraculous capabilities. With a proper routine of an argan oil facial wash, those laugh lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines will go away in a matter of months, saving you thousands on cosmetic surgery. Even within the first two weeks of using argan oil, there should be very noticeable and favorable results. Just take a look at the numerous testimonies. The before and after pictures can be like night and day. Argan oil clears blemishes, erases wrinkles, and gives your skin a healthy glow that you never thought possible. The beauty is that you don’t even need to continue a fierce regiment of argan oil once the skin is cleared and healthy. Continue washing your face just once a day with argan oil and you will retain that healthy glow and breaks outs will cease altogether.

Argan oil facial treatments seem too good to be true. In all honesty, sometimes it is. A lot of products will advertise that your skin will look exactly the way you want in just a couple of weeks. Sometimes this may occur but they are rare cases. Typically you will see an improvement within the first two weeks. Some cases may take longer, but this is probably due to a poor product or misuse of the product altogether. If you are treating your face with argan oil and it is taking a long time, check and make sure that you are actually using the product as it was intended. Most products will require you to wash your face with soap and warm water before applying their product. This removes any excess dirt, and gives the argan oil an opportunity to soak into your pores, cleaning them throughout the day and preventing any dirt to get back in.