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Argan Oil

Looking for new and fun ways to use your argan oil? Have you been using your argan oil only for hair or skin treatment because you weren’t sure exactly what to do with it?  This is a short and simple recipe that will add an explosion of flavor to any salad or anywhere you would use vinaigrette but with a twist of argan oil.

When cooking with argan oil, there is a big difference from using toasted or untoasted oil. Untoasted oil has a subtle flavor that can easily be overburdened by powerful vinegars. Toasted argan oil is immensely flavorful and can be eaten in almost any way possible. It is made by roasting the argan nut before extracting the oil. A great quick treat is pouring a little toasted argan oil on a saucer with some herbs and vinegar and dipping toast or bread in the oil. Whether you…

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